How attending a seminar can reduce mayonnaise production costs by 20-40%

Our experts held a series of seminars to share our research results and knowledge in mayonnaise production and to present our new dedicated range of high shear mixers. For several of those attending, the seminars proved to be a real eye-opener. Customers quickly saw opportunities to translate their new learnings into substantial financial gains.​

Medium sized bowl of mayonnaise

Live demos

The seminars included both theoretical presentations and live demonstrations of commercial scale mayonnaise production. Several 500 kg batches of full- and low-fat mayonnaise were produced in front of the live audience – some with and some without added vegetable pieces.

Seeing is believing

In each case, the Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer was fitted with a window, so the mixing process could be captured on film and livestreamed on big TV-screens in front of the audience. This gave participants a rare opportunity to see precisely what was happening inside the mixing vessel – something that many producers have wondered about but that few have had the opportunity to witness.

Accurate predictions

We also explained how the Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer range and its complementary Prediction Tool enables customers to replicate the droplet size and distribution of any existing mayonnaise and emulsified product. This means customers can predict texture, mouth feel and viscosity with a high level of accuracy. Even with completely new production equipment, they can continue to give faithful consumers a 100% familiar product experience, while reducing production costs.

What next?

After the seminars, several producers invited Tetra Pak to carry out product trials. These confirmed two other important benefits.  First, the shear forces in a Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer can be very precisely regulated to maximize the yield on ingredients; second, the mixer’s two-step emulsification process makes it possible to speed up oil intake by four to five times, which lowers both mixing time and energy consumption.

Anticipated savings

And that brings us neatly to the savings. One of the seminar participants who went on to buy a Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer anticipates shorter mixing times and production cost savings of 20-40% per kilo of product. Using a batch set-up, they will soon be producing low- and full-fat mayonnaises, both with and without vegetable pieces. Should they decide to switch to batch plus or continuous production in future, the savings will be even greater. Add-on kits enable cost-effective scaling-up of our High Shear Mixer range.

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