Take the easy route to efficient and profitable white cheese production

Best-practice lines for white cheese

Our best-practice lines make it easy to explore the white cheese market. No need to be an expert cheesemaker – we provide you with all the expertise and know-how you need.

The line covers different types of production:
1. Bacteriological Acidified Feta (BAF) using ultra filtration to concentrate solids of milk.
2. Glucone Delta Lactone (GDL) using ultra filtration.
3. Glucone Delta Lactone (GDL) using recombined ingredients.

BAF is a slower method that gives a full cheese taste, whereas the quicker GDL method results in a slightly more neutral taste.​

We cover all types of white cheese production

Best-practice lines for white cheese BAF
  • Best-practice lines for white cheese GDL
  • Best-practice lines for white cheese GDL recombined

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Best-practice line for white cheese
White cheese and olive oil

Great profit potential

In traditional cheesemaking, only the casein and fat are retained in the cheese. The ultra filtration method also captures all whey proteins, and as a consequence the cheese requires approximately 20% less milk. In other words: higher yield. The recombination method gives full control of product composition without by-products. Furthermore, the closed system results in close-to-zero product waste. And last but not least: the global cheese market is growing.
High hygiene, operators discussing

A safe and hygienic process enables longer product shelf life

The best-practice line is designed for optimal hygiene and easy cleaning. The entire process is closed, which eliminates the risk of contamination. No additional arrangements are needed. The equipment is ready for CIP straight after production.
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Smooth setup, worry-free production

Combine our long experience, world-class expertise and proven equipment together, and what do you get? Well, more than anything: peace of mind. With us as the one and only supplier of your entire line, you can expect a smooth move from milk to cheese. Start-up is quick, the process is streamlined and the solution is flexible – it’s easy to switch between different flavours or formulas.

More About White Cheese Production

Sliced white cheese

Improving margins

White cheese aligns perfectly with the current health trend – and supplies good margins too.

White cheese equipment

Tips for moving into white cheese

Did you know that if you’re producing white milk today, and want to improve your margins, moving into white cheese production is an easy next step?