​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Global Dairy Congress

​​​​​​​​25-27 June 2019​, ​Lisbon, Portugal​​​

At this years Global Dairy Congress, Ola Elmqvist EVP Processing Solutions and Equipment will share insights into consumer preferences for healthy choices and future friendly food and drink products. These trends are setting benchmarks for food and drink producers – and that's before one gets to the area receiving the most attention: impact on environment.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the need to preserve and protect the world's resources, producers are expected to embed sustainability objectives and use future-friendly solutions, which produce more but consume less.

Today's challenges in terms of efficiency and use of resources such as energy and water, will not go away. It is of vital importance therefore to use resources in the right way, from initial processing to the final product.

At this year's Global Dairy Congress, Ola will provide a thorough overview of how Tetra Pak:

  • Contributes to the sustainable factory of the future by developing solutions that reduce energy usage, water usage and deliver CO 2 reduction
  • Delivers operational cost reduction for dairy producers
  • Provides higher modularity and tailor-made solutions

The most efficient dairy processing solutions and newest releases – as well as the trends that drive them and the customer benefits they offer – will also be addressed​​​​.

Sustainable manufacturing

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Ola Elmqvist, Processing Solutions Tetra Pak

Ola Elmqvist

EVP Processing Solutions and Equipment