Go nature. Go carton.


Strengthening local collection for recycling

For recycling to succeed, a solid collection and sorting system is required. We are working to expand and strengthen collection systems by actively engaging with stakeholders such as retailers, waste management companies and policy makers to overcome bottlenecks in local recycling value chains.

What does it take to increase carton collection and sorting?

One reason recycling is hindered in some countries is a lack of waste management policy and infrastructure. In some parts of the world, collection relies on an informal sector of waste pickers. Other countries simply lack appropriate collection availability for consumers. 

Today Tetra Pak carton packages are collected and recycled across the world where waste management and recycling infrastructure are in place. In Europe, more than half of all carton packages are collected for recycling and transformed into a wide range of new products.

We are adopting a front-line position through packaging recovery organisations (PROs) when it comes to driving alignment and collaboration with the other players of the value chain. 

An example is the GIRA project in Ecuador to improve the country’s collection infrastructure. The project makes it easier for consumers to recycle with 94 recycling stations covering nine materials installed across the country. The stations are then promoted through national social media, TV and brand awareness campaigns.

Our collection and sorting partnerships and projects are spread widely around the world. As we work to contribute to increased recycling rates of packaging, we believe these projects are fundamental to making a big impact on recycling globally.

Recycling focus areas