Go nature. Go carton.


The power of informed and engaged consumers

A successful recycling infrastructure relies on consumers doing their part. We collaborate with our customers and retailers on joint awareness activities, from on-pack messages to educational programmes and awareness activities in schools and other community venues, for inspiring consumers to recycle.

Increasing awareness is key to getting consumers on board

Many consumers around the world are not aware that paper-based carton packages can turn into new products if recycled. Educational programmes and awareness activities help us show the opportunities to recycle carton packages.

For example, we partnered with the Catavento museum in São Paulo to create a permanent exhibition on the recyclability of cartons. Three of our customers sponsor activities and provide material for visitors. Within six months after the launch of the first exhibition, 100,000 visitors had attended.

We also created the Alag Karo waste segregation programme in Gurugram, India, in partnership with Coca Cola India, GIZ and Saahas. Along with raising awareness of the importance of separating waste for recycling, the programme implemented waste segregation systems in 24,000 households, 425 offices and 39 schools, and engaged 510 waste workers to help collect and sort recyclables. 

In Turkey, we have been a partner in the Zero Waste Project, an award-winning education programme aimed at teaching school children about the importance of protecting nature, with a particular focus on recycling, renewability and reducing waste. Our partners were the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats​ (TEMA) and the Ministries of Environment & Urbanization and National Education.

In Japan, we have run a long-term educational program in schools throughout the country to spread information about carton recycling in a fun, interactive way and is helping raise awareness of the recyclability of cartons and of course the number of cartons people recycle. More than 6,100 schools have participated and an estimated 1.8 millio​n students have been reached.

Recycling focus areas