Heating technology – Optimizing food safety and production versatility

Heat treatment has always been at the centre of production planning in the food industry, and now it’s more important than ever. For one thing, food security and food safety continue to be global issues, so efficient and effective heat treatment are at centre stage. For another, changing distribution and consumption patterns require ambient distribution for some products, especially in regions without a reliable chilled distribution chain – and these require a much higher heat treatment.

The rise of plant-based beverages is addressing consumer concerns about nutrition, sustainability and animal welfare. But raw materials like oats, almonds and soya beans require special heat processing due to their microbiological and chemical profiles.

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Finally, cost-efficiency and efficient, versatile production are constant concerns for our industry, especially after being rocked by supply chain and staffing disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as rising energy prices.

So for many in the food industry, it may be time to reflect, re-think, and re-tool with regards to heating technology. And a good way to start is with our newly published Tetra Pak Heating technology guide, which shares our cutting-edge perspective on both technology and application know-how.

The guide is appropriate for both newcomers and veterans, covering:

  • Basic facts about microorganisms and the condition under which they grow
  • Food characteristics and their effect on processing requirements
  • The relation of heat treatment to shelf life
  • Different heating technologies and how they are best used
  • Recommended heat treatments for processing various food categories, covering dairy; plant-based   beverages; juices, nectars and still drinks (JNSD); and prepared foods
  • How to optimize the heating process for improved energy efficiency and TCO

So if you’re ready to rethink the way you’re using heat in your food production, this guide is for you.


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