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Baby in sofa with baby bottle

Five secrets of success in powder mixing

Based on long experience of powder mixing, we give you five tips that you as a producer of powdered food products such as infant formula may not be aware of.

Oat-based powder and a glass of oat beverage

Five tricky powders and tips for handling them

Powders can be sensitive to segregation, difficult to convey or tip, very sticky or added to a recipe in tiny amounts. We can help you handling them.

Expert in powder rheology

A close-up look at powder behaviour

New research enables us to successfully up-scale laboratory and pilot experimental results for different powders to the industrial scale for batch mixing.

School children in Ecuador

Improved child nutrition and local agriculture development in Ecuador

The Ecuador school feeding programme has provided children all over the country access to safe nutrition while enhancing the development of local agriculture.

Happy school kids in Paraguay

Overcoming distribution and malnutrition challenges in the Paraguay school milk programme

Paraguay has a long running school milk programme to address challenges related to malnutrition and social safety protection.

Dairy farming in Nicaragua

Turning challenges into opportunities in Nicaragua

We have worked together to provide consumers with locally produced quality milk and improve smallholder dairy farmers’ livelihoods.

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