​​Five features for flexibility and consistent quality

Smart mechanical design and smart automation combine in the Tetra Pak® Homogenizer 250. This makes it easy to secure consistent product quality with consistent NIZO outcomes. And gives you the flexibility you need with quick product changeovers to meet consumer demands for a wider range of ever more complex products.

Handles both aseptic and non-aseptic products

Thanks to the new piston cartridge design, this homogenizer can maintain the highest level of hygiene whether running an aseptic or a non-aseptic application. Both applications can run in the same homogenizer without rebuilding. We always aim to keep the high temperature condensate as an aseptic barrier when the machine runs in a downstream position.

Handles both low and high viscosity products

While other solutions from the competition must use a cone valve for low viscosity products (<500 cP) and ball valves for high viscosity products (>500 cP), in our Tetra Pak® Homogenizer 250 there is no need to change the valve when changing products. The turnable seats and TD valves can handle any products up to 2,000 cP.

Automatic process and recipe control

For fast product changeovers, our smart automation system allows you to simply select the pre-programmed recipe you want to produce. The smart system also lets you precisely control critical process parameters such as working pressure, temperature and flow rate. You can ensure that viscosity, particle size and more are correct according to your specification.

Automatic leakage trend analysis

Sensors detect any leakage and monitor the condition of the seals. By using the smart system to calculate the risk of seal failure, you can pinpoint the optimal time to change seals. This ensures product quality and food safety by preventing contamination from leakages.

Automatic pressure trend analysis

The smart system monitors the difference between hydraulic pressure and homogenizing pressure. When it gets too high, the system indicates the optimal timing for maintenance – such as turning or replacing the homogenizing seat and disc. This ensures product quality by ensuring consistent NIZO values and saves on operational costs.

Homogenizer 250