​Homogenizer pays in the long run for long life milk

For a typical indirect UHT white milk processing line, we estimate that Tetra Pak Homogenizer 250 gives substantial savings in operational and maintenance costs. The total cost of ownership worked out 10% lower than for a comparable competitor homogenizer.

Tetra Pak employees inspecting a homogenizer.

Let’s take a typical scenario for a medium-sized dairy of an indirect UHT line processing 8,000 litres of white milk an hour through a homogenizer at 200 bar. Using our accurate simulation tool, we estimate that the following savings can be made in comparison to a competitor’s homogenizer designed for the same application:

  • Save 20% on utilities
  • Save 17% on spare parts
  • Increase service interval by 17%

Interestingly, both homogenizers run at a speed of around 150 rpm for this application. However, the difference is that Tetra Pak Homogenizer 250 is not operating near its maximum speed whereas the competitor’s unit is. Tetra Pak Homogenizer 250 was working at 74% of the maximum speed whereas the other homogenizer was working at 89% of the maximum speed to achieve the same capacity. This means Tetra Pak Homogenizer 250 runs much more comfortably, leading to better performance.

17% lower costs for spare parts and maintenance

With less strain on Tetra Pak Homogenizer 250, parts wear out slower while noise levels and vibrations are lower. In the calculation, total savings in spare parts were estimated to be 17% lower in comparison to the competitor’s homogenizer.

In the same comparison, there was a corresponding saving in service costs of 17% because of longer service intervals. Uptime increases when less maintenance is needed.

With substantial annual savings like these plus increased uptime, the fact that the 250 model costs a few percent more to purchase than the competitor’s model is not a deciding factor in the long run. It is the total cost of ownership that really matters and we estimate that this cost is 10% lower.

Scenario in the simulation

  • Capacity: 8,000 l/h of white milk
  • Pressure: 200 bar
  • Production: 16 hours/day, 250 days a year
  • CIP: 2 hours/day

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