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Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the Food and Beverage industry as we know it. Using a range of emerging technologies, we are working to offer new, unprecedented opportunities to increase food safety and quality, as well as production flexibility and efficiency.

Connectivity improves consumer trust

Connected packages are becoming increasingly popular. With a unique scannable code, we turn packages into full-scale data carriers integrated into one connected value chain that delivers an optimised supply chain. With full traceability, insights into target audiences and increased awareness and customer engagement, we can grow trust in food safety.

Spotlight on food safety and industry 4.0

Consumers, regulators and retailers are placing more and more demands on food safety in a world facing natural resource shortages and health and hygiene concerns. Using smart technology such as automation and tracing technology to meet food safety challenges, we can make the food industry more proactive and trusted among stakeholders.

Our Digital Plant Engineering platform

We collaborated with Hexagon, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions to offer virtual plant visualisation. It enables collaboration with customers, colleagues and suppliers on production plant design, and it is easy to simulate, evaluate and select the optimal solutions.
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