Tetra Pak at Cheese Expo 2022

The Global 2022 CheeseExpo is set to take place April 12-14 in Milwaukee, WI. A gathering of over 4,000 cheese industry leaders, suppliers, media and marketers, the CheeseExpo is the world’s largest cheese and whey processing event and offers the latest information, innovations, technology and products on the market.

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Cheese production

Backed by decades of expertise, we have the knowledge, integrated plant solutions and packaging you need for cheddar cheese production to produce consistently.

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Cheese comes in many varieties with different textures and flavours and is most commonly produced using milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep.


Cheese technology guide

The Cheese technology guide is an easy to use resource for industrial cheesemaking. It provides a helpful overview of the bacis productions processes.

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Spreadable cheese in Tetra Fino Aseptic


Where innovation meets affordability

Where innovation meets affordability: Obour Land launches new spreadable processed cheese product with mass appeal

The TCO challenges for producers of semi-hard cheese


TCO challenges for semi-hard cheese producers

Semi-hard bulk cheese prices have been under constant pressure over the last decades. To meet the challenges this brings, controlling overall costs is key.



Bringing superfood to European consumers

The demand for the new “superfood” quark increases. By trimming capacity and using a single automation system, Limelco is on top of its dairy production.