Collaborative Effort with Bio Pappel Aims to Boost Carton Recycling Rate in Mexico to 40%

Strategic collaboration has been forged with paper manufacturer Bio Pappel to drive carton recycling in Mexico. The ambitious goal is to achieve a carton recycling rate of 40% within the next five years.

The collaboration commenced with the installation of a dedicated pulping line exclusively for carton recycling. The joint efforts now focus on expanding the input of cartons and further enhancing the capacity to process 24,000 tonnes of cartons annually. The recycled material derived from this process serves as a crucial resource in producing linerboard for corrugated boxes.

Pulping line for carton recycling

The collaboration with Bio Pappel has been instrumental in transforming carton recycling in Mexico. By installing a dedicated pulping line exclusively for carton recycling, the initiative marked a crucial step forward. The joint efforts of the partners are now directed towards increasing the input of cartons into the recycling process to boost overall recycling capacity. The target capacity of 24,000 tonnes per year demonstrates the commitment to substantial progress in carton recycling.

The recycled material obtained from the process plays a pivotal role in producing linerboard for corrugated boxes, facilitating a closed-loop approach to packaging materials. This integrated effort is key to increasing the carton recycling rate in Mexico.

Conveyor with recycled cartons


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