IoT Recycling system in South Korea empowers consumers with rewards for recycling


The IoT recycling promotion and recycling system in South Korea is an initiative designed to incentivize and empower consumers to actively participate in recycling efforts. This innovative program introduces a reward system that allows individuals to earn points by utilizing IoT collection bins for recycling purposes.

The project was initially launched in Songpa, Gangnam, and Sejong City with 50 units in 2018. Since then, the program has experienced remarkable growth, with over 300 bins now available across 20 cities. Several local governments, including Seoul, Busan, and Gyeonggi, have enthusiastically embraced the program, and brand owners like Maeil Dairies actively support the rewards program, allowing consumers to use their earned points to redeem products.

IoT recycling bins and a phone showing the associated reward application

The IoT recycling promotion and recycling system introduce a transformative solution to address the recycling challenge in South Korea. By integrating IoT technology into the recycling process, the initiative offers consumers a reward system, motivating them to recycle using the IoT collection bins. The program makes recycling a seamless and rewarding experience for individuals, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable practices.

Since its inception, the IoT recycling promotion and recycling system have demonstrated significant impact and growth. Starting with 50 units in three cities, the program has expanded to over 300 bins across 20 cities, including prominent locations like Seoul, Busan, and Gyeonggi. The enthusiastic support of brand owners like Maeil Dairies has further boosted consumer participation, allowing individuals to earn points from recycling and use them to redeem products.

The widespread adoption of the program aligns perfectly with South Korea's commitment to the "Green New Deal" and "Smart City" policies. By promoting a culture of sustainability and responsible waste disposal, the IoT recycling system plays a vital role in contributing to the country's efforts towards building smarter cities.

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