Tetra Recart reimagines canned food packaging

Learn how Tetra Recart® is shaping a future where less is more, from reducing waste and saving transport space, to standing out on the shelf and generating better business returns.

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Invest in the future

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your growing commitment to sustainability with packaging made from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources.


A Recipe for Business Success

It’s never been easier to bring your product ideas to life. With our Food Development Centre you can leverage the industry insights, marketing expertise and product development capabilities of a global leader in the food industry to concretise your product ideas.

Learn about the latest food consumer trends

Explore our exclusive infographic, and discover the latest trends that you need to be aware of.

Elevate e-commerce opportunities

Tetra Recart® is rectangular, lightweight and stable. With its smart design that can free up to 40% storage space and its lighter weight compared to tin cans and glass jars, you can greatly improve your transportation and logistics efficiency and open up new business opportunities. Tetra Recart® is perfectly designed for e-commerce, and it’s no wonder this revolutionary packaging is already taking off with modern manufacturers and consumers.

Maximise your product’s potential

Standing out on the shelf is tough in food retail. With its printing possibilities and smart design, Tetra Recart® lets you elevate your brand and create an unmatched visual shelf impact while maximising the shelf space efficiency for retailers. Grab attention and create products with real appeal for modern consumers.

A world of better business

How can a carton package transform your business? Whether you’re expanding into new territories or consolidating your brand operations, Tetra Recart® can help you unlock the potential of modern packaging innovations. From new product conceptualisation, through to technical insight and marketing support, our comprehensive solution opens your business up to a new world of opportunities.


The future of e-commerce

See what Mr. Nuna Saraiva from Sugal thinks about the future of e-commerce and canned food, and why he’s switched to a sustainable alternative full of possibilities.

A strategic, sustainable move

See why leading meal kit company HelloFresh chose to move to environmentally-friendly, carton packaging by Tetra Recart®.

Trisant goes alternative with Tetra Recart®

Find out more about how Tetra Recart® and food manufacturer Trisant are changing the future for supermarket product packaging.

Kekbel selects Tetra Recart®

Watch our video to discover how Tetra Recart® helped processed mushroom manufacturer Kekbel MAX become the first in its category to utilise carton packaging.