​​​​​​Processing applications for​ ice cream specialities

There is virtually no limit to the delicious treats, cakes and desserts you can produce on an ice cream extrusion line. Elaborately decorated ice cream cake or desserts for special occasions; moulded ice creams without sticks, interesting 3D shapes or products for specific events or markets.

For ice cream cakes, the Tetra Pak production method employs rapid cooling to give your products better quality and to win time for adding toppings and decorations.

With a grid added to the extrusion tube, you can even get your cakes pre-sliced – perfect for restaurants or families!

Best-practice lines for ice cream specialities

Extrusion Line

We offer a complete range of extrusion lines for smaller, medium or high production capacities of all product types. They are built on modules that are designed to fit seamlessly together, optimising your production capability and product versatility. A typical line consists of a freezer, worktable, hardening tunnel, transfer and dipping, and wrapping.

Filling Line

Robust in-line filling machines enable you to make the most exciting and high quality fillings with large inclusions, swirl, ripple and several dry and wet toppings. The modular format makes changing between different product configurations easy. A typical line consists of dispensing, filling and decorations, chocolate spray and lid handling modules – all working smoothly together.

Moulding Line

Tetra Pak’s proven rotary moulding line sets the standard for moulded ice creams. A sturdy design and smart use of automation combine to enable the highest production capacity and the lowest production costs on the market. Incorporating a wide range of filling possibilities, this line can be used to produce unrivalled, high-end moulded products. It consists of the following main modules: freezers, indexing mould table, brine circulating system, fillers and back suction units, stick inserter, extractor, chocolate / dry stuff dipping and transfer and wrapping.