Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B

Transform your beverage production with ultra-versatile continuous blending

  • Drive your plant forward with a full-line approach
  • Cut waste and get more value from your ingredients
  • Transform your line efficiency with continuous blending and smart automation
Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B

Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B

Tetra Pak In-line Blender B is highly automated and supremely versatile. It handles low to high viscous blends and produces a complete range of beverages and syrups. It is a host of compelling and measurable advantages, including lower waste, more consistent product quality, and lower energy costs. And you get all the benefits of continuous blending.


Multiple capacity models (20,000l/h, 40,000l/h, 60,000l/h), with other capacities available 


A complete range of beverages and syrups: Juices, nectars, still drinks, carbonated soft drinks, functional drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, concentrates and syrups and many more


QC inline measurements

Enables precise mixing; saves time

A sensor continuously monitors the Brix /density of product in the buffer tank and feeds information to the unit’s control system. Should the values go outside the norm, the flow of ingredients is automatically corrected. This system guarantees precise production with standard deviation of +/- 3 Sigma, so product leaving the buffer tank is always correct and the same. It also reduces the need for manual product sampling, thereby saving operator time.

Buffer tank

Buffer tank

Smooth and stable production

The buffer tank makes it possible to even out any differences in product at the start and end of a run, which might otherwise affect composition. If the filler stops, the buffer tank enables production to continue for a certain time. It also enables the product recovery functions shown under Product Recovery System. Dynamic blend adjustment is performed by an integrated radial jet mixer.

Recirculation loop and radial jet mixer

Keep moving – even during stoppages

Together the recirculation loop and integrated radial jet mixer deliver the highest production reliability and enable superior accuracy. As well as allowing dynamic blend adjustment, the radial jet mixer reduces air ingress caused by agitation.

Automatic Mass Compensation

Automatic Mass Compensation

Keeps your process on target

AMC is the software that controls the amount of ingredients being added to Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B, and ensures that the outgoing Brix level is correct throughout its run time. At the start, when the Brix values of added ingredients such as syrup and concentrate are known, the amount required in each ingredient stream is calculated. If the amount added during production differs from this, the AMC instantly corrects it. Since checks occur 4-5 times per second, you can rest assured your process is on target.

Up to 10 ingredients streams

Up to 10 ingredients streams

Blending tailored to need

Today’s wide and ever-changing beverage universe makes flexibility crucial. Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B allows you to combine up to 10 ingredient streams that can handle everything from standard scale to minimal dosing (10l/h), low to high viscosities, and even alcoholic ingredients. Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B offers a simple way to tailor your blending platform to your recipe needs.

Product recovery system

Minimizes product waste

A recovery system captures diluted product from the mix phase along with any other non-approved product. It feeds this back to Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B and corrects the blend so no product is wasted. It also recovers any concentrate that remains in the pipes leading to the premix tank at the end of a production run. If stops occur downstream, the same recovery system is activated and “lost” product is fed back to the the blender, eliminating the need for a separate saviour tank. Tetra Pak® In-line Blender B can even reuse pasteurizer sterilization water to cut your water losses.

Your knowledgeable partner

Your knowledgeable partner

Built-in expertise

  • One ultra-versatile platform developed from more than 60 years’ knowledge of developing solutions for hundreds of recipes and thousands of ingredients across all beverage categories
  • Decades of technology refinement – from the first continuous production system for cola drinks to full industry leadership in beverage

Learn more about in-line blending

Plant based products

Inline blending for plant-based beverages

Inline continuous blending can revolutionize the standardization of fat, protein and sugar in dairy, cheese and beverage production.

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Benefits of in-line liquid blending

By switching from batch to continuous production, one juice-maker stands to save €140,000 in five years on reduced water, energy and cleaning costs alone.

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Perfect blending with optimal yield and minimal losses

Continuous blending is ideal for many kinds of beverages. Producers are looking for opportunities to reduce product losses and water consumption.