Tetra Pak® Long Former
Tetra Pak® Long Former

When size matters

  • Minimizes waste when producing cheese for slicing and cutting
  • Control of drainage and precision cutting give consistent quality throughout each cheese block
  • High-quality cheese and whey thanks to the gentle treatment of cheese and “self-cleaning functionality”


Thin draining sections

Maintains high whey quality

Whey is removed inside the column, via three draining sections. The short distance between the perforated plate and the wall of the draining sections (only 8-10mm) ensures turbulence in the whey flow. Without the need for external pumps, whey is constantly exchanged, keeping the curd fines in motion and preventing sedimentation. This means there’s no curd build-up over time, which limits the growth of microorganisms during production and enables a shorter CIP cycle. The whey is constantly refreshed, ensuring quality remains high and stable.

Dosing and cutting system

Accurate weight and precise block cut

A dosing plate controlled by a servo drive precisely doses the cheese pieces, which are then cut by a rapidly moving knife. This minimizes mechanical damage and leaves the surface of the cheese block smooth. The height of the dosing plates can be adjusted in small increments (0,2mm) to get the exact size of cheese portion required, and the right software will do the rest.

Curd block forming

Accurate moisture distribution and high-quality appearance

When making long cheese it’s essential that, when sliced, the block shows a consistent quality all the way through. From start to finish, every step in the Tetra Pak® Long Former is designed with this objective in mind. The final touch comes after cutting, when the block is gently pressed up against the closed knife, compacting and deaerating its upper side. At the same time, the plate below compresses the block’s lower side. The curd block is then smoothly transferred to the front of the machine.

Automation system

Automation system

Monitors production and compensates for disturbances

The advanced control software is programmed to continuously monitor production and minimize the effects of any unexpected disturbances on the line. Since the composition of cheese changes rapidly, it is important to compensate for any deviation in production by e.g. adjusting cutting height. The control system does this automatically, without the need for operator intervention.