Tetra Pak® Bag Filter – maximising yield and hygiene

The Tetra Pak® Bag Filter is available in a wide range of capacities – from 28.000 to 280.000 m3/h. It is tailored for food-only applications such as dairy and whey-based ingredients and nutritional products. Being built upon our industry-leading expertise, the Tetra Pak® Bag Filter combines maximised yield and hygiene with lower TCO and reduced emissions. It is also a flexible solution – you can rest assured you’ll get an installation that is optimised for, and tailored to, your operations. 

The details make the difference

The Tetra Pak® Bag Filter is designed with meticulous attention to detail. Watch the video for a closer look at some of the features that make the difference.

Widest range on the market

The Tetra Pak® Bag Filter is available in a wide range of air flow capacities – from 26.000 to 287.000 m3/h.
widest bag filter range on the market
Integrated cage locking system - patent pending

Unique cage locking system

The unique, integrated cage locking system (patent pending) is hygienically designed to support optimal food safety and quicker bag replacement
close up from the inside of a bag filter

Hygiene and cleanability

No rotating parts, no rubbing, no bolts and nuts that fall into the product – the Tetra Pak® Bag Filter is built for uncompromising hygiene. And as it’s fully CIPable, cleaning is efficient too. There are no ‘spray shadows’, and the CIP nozzles reduce risk of bio-contamination.

tablet showing different type of graphs and a rendered image of a bag filter

Optimising performance

The Tetra Pak® Bag Filter is a perfect example of state-of-the-art engineering and automation. Process adaptive pulsing control makes sure the air shots that punch the powder away happen when they are needed. Optimised geometry is achieved through advanced layout, fine-tuned flow velocities and CFD modelling. And the clever design – large distance between bags, locked cages to stop bags from swinging – extends bag life time.

A sustainable choice

With its low consumption of both energy and compressed air, the Tetra Pak® Bag Filter is an environmental-friendly choice. The flow patterns and filter media provide enhanced filtration – in short, the bag filter is ready to the emission standards of the future.
forrest with a blue frame with an energy and a bag filter icon