Tetra Pak® Big Bag Discharger

Unrivalled configurability with full safety and reliability

  • One of the safest Big Bag Discharging solutions on the food processing market
  • Flexible, modular system gives unrivalled configuration possibilities 
  • Simple, robust, and easy to install and set up
Tetra Pak® Big Bag Discharger

Tetra Pak® Big Bag Discharger

Big Bag emptying unit for powder ingredients.

The Tetra Pak® Big Bag Discharger is specifically designed to efficiently discharge Big Bags of free-flowing granulated or powdered ingredients in industrial food production settings. It feeds all types of process line downstream, and the unit is compact and modular for easy integration into any powder handling installation. The design ensures full cleanability, high food safety standards, and minimal dust emissions in the working environment. New innovations and clever design ensure operator safety.


Bag weight: up to 2000 kg 


Suitable for ingredient powders as well as all food recipes such as prepared food, instant drinks, dairy, nutrition, biscuit, and culinary. ​


Operator-friendly design

Easy to operate

The unit is simple and safe to operate. The height of the connecting head is adjustable to handle different spout lengths and facilitate discharge, while the dust-tight pinching system allows effortless connection of big bag spout.  

Modular design

Modular design

Unrivalled configuration possibilities

Start with the simplest configuration – a station equipped with a low frame and manual connection head – and then upgrade step by step to the most complete solution with an unparalleled choice of additional features.

A safe solution

A safe solution

Operator safety

Patented safety cage around the discharging head prevents operators from putting hands/arms into dangerous area – unit stops automatically when opened. This safety cage replaces conventional safety grid 
– ensures safety without restricting the free flow of powder. A safe work environment is further ensured by a dust-tight pinching system. 

Clamping device

Minimal dust emissions

Dust-tight connection clamping system avoids dust emissions in working environment while emptying the bags without the need for a dust collector. Additionally, the unique pneumatically assisted connection head with dual push buttons makes pinching and sealing the spout effortless.

High food safety standards

Hygienic and easy to clean

Designed in accordance with EHEDG guidelines, all surfaces that are in contact with the powder are fully accessible. The connection system is completely dismountable and cleanable, and the external parts of the big bag discharger can be washed with water. The frame is resistant to corrosion, while the lubricant used for the hoist chain is NSF-classed (food safe). 

Massage system

Improves big bag discharging for difficult products

For specific products, the activation of independent cylinders destabilises the product mass from the bottom of the big bag to improve product flow.