Why recycling matters

Did you know that all our cartons are recyclable and a valuable raw material for new products? By keeping materials in use for longer, we can reduce waste and limit our environmental impact. It’s how we can achieve a healthier, cleaner planet and promote a circular economy.

Choose to reduce

Are you curious to know more about the life cycle of our cartons? On average our carton packages are made of 70% paperboard from renewable wood fibres. Unlike packaging material that depends solely on fossil fuel sources, plant-based materials are replenished naturally over time, which can reduce your impact on climate change. Learn more about how beverage cartons are a good solution compared to other materials.

Renew your approach

Using renewable materials is essential for preserving the environment for future generations. On average, Tetra Pak cartons consists of 71% paperboard from responsibly sourced forests and other controlled sources. We support a renewable approach to packaging, enabling you to make a good choice.