Providing access to safe nutrition for school children around the world

The first school milk programme using Tetra Pak packages was introduced in 1962. We have since then continued to support our customers and work in collaboration with governments, NGOs and UN Agencies in the development and implementation of school feeding programmes around the world.

On average, 61 million children in 41 countries receive milk and other nutritious beverages in Tetra Pak packages in their schools each year. The most effective way to tackle food security, food safety and nutrition challenges is by building sustainable food value chains, and School Feeding Programmes have proven to play a vital role.

Many impact studies show that sustainable school feeding programmes have proven to be a very effective means to provide school children with much needed nutrition to improve children’s health and educational performance, as well as stimulating local agricultural development.

This documentary shows how the school milk programme in Kerry, Ireland, provides nutrition to children by daily portions of milk. These meals provide the children nutrition and energy, helping them keeping focused during the lessons. The increased calcium levels in their diets contributes to bone development and healthy teeth.

The video was produced for Tetra Pak by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial content division of BBC Global News, as part of the Better Lives through Better Business series, presented by The Consumer Goods Forum.

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