Protecting Planet - how we do it

Our approach to protecting the planet is grounded in our commitment to a low-carbon circular economy. To that end, we have worked for years to reduce the environmental impact and increase the renewability of our packages. Now we are accelerating our efforts as we pursue our vision of the ideal beverage carton: a fully renewable and recyclable package.

At the same time, we are contributing to a low-carbon society by striving to minimise impact across our entire value chain. We are protecting biodiversity, and establishing water stewardship, by working with our suppliers and through third-party verification. We are also working to optimise our own operations and, through our solutions and services, those of our customers. And finally, we are promoting recycling and circularity, through our own activities and through partnerships worldwide.


Three employees in a meeting

Engaging customers

Our goal is to create and share value for and with our customers through our products and services.

Sugar cane and  bio-based plastic caps

Responsible sourcing

Every purchase decision we make as a business has an impact. Responsible sourcing means going beyond the traditional factors of cost, quality and delivery time in our decision making.

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Environmental impact

We are working with suppliers and customers to minimise our environmental impact across the entire value chain, from sourcing to production, use to disposal.

Used cartons

Circular economy

Our business prevents food from being wasted and optimises the use of resources. In this way, the principles of circularity are at the very heart of our business. Our value chain approach and partnerships are helping normalise the circular economy.


Post-consumer recycling

We take a proactive and pioneering approach to make sure cartons are collected, sorted and recycled so that they keep delivering value. When a recycling value chain is working well, it also prevents littering, saves resources and reduces climate impact – all of which are vital to our shared sustainable future.


Green Roof Project

Green Roof Project

A pioneering initiative in Thailand is celebrating a decade of helping people in distress while championing carton collection and recycling.

Tetra Pak plant Binh Duong

Sustainable buildings

In addition to the efficiency of our production processes, the quality of our buildings makes a significant difference to the sustainability of our operations.

Mother and child, paper straws

Innovations in straws

Tetra Pak is the first carton packaging company to launch paper straws in Europe. We are also now working with a number of technology leaders to explore biodegradable options.