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The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) brings together key actors of the food industry to collaboratively drive continuous improvement in food safety management systems around the world. With a vision of Safe food for consumers everywhere, food industry leaders created GFSI in 2000 to find collaborative solutions to collective concerns, notably to reduce food safety risks, audit duplication and costs while building trust throughout the supply chain

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Dr Laurence Mott, Executive Vice President Development & Engineering 
23 March 2021, Time: 1:40 PM - 2:10 PM
Topic: Future proofing food packaging

Laurence Mott

Future proofing food packaging

Increased consumer awareness around food safety and food protection has put a spotlight on the issues as they continue the climb the global agenda, driven by the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic.

The last year has also highlighted the need to further strengthen and future proof our food supply chain. As such, new demands are being placed on retailers, regulators, brands, producers and packaging system providers.

In this presentation we will address the challenges around managing a global supply chain, and maintaining transparency, trust, compliance, and excellence in food safety processes during times of unprecedented shifts in consumer and geographical demand. We will also explore how the challenges and pressures around sustainability will influence the way we address and manage food protection and food safety.

Finally, in preparation for what is now constant significant change, we will offer a perspective on what it takes to truly connect stakeholders across the food industry and enhance food safety throughout the value chain, focussing on materials supply, processing and packaging though to consumers.

Three drivers that impact how we future proof food packaging of tomorrow

By Dr Laurence Mott, Executive Vice President, Development & Engineering, Tetra Pak


Access to safe and nutritious food is vital for sustaining life, yet according to the World Health Organisation, almost one in ten people globally fall ill after eating contaminated food. Whilst the causes for this vary, it is often related to unprotected or unpackaged food supplies. Food safety is a critical issue that must be addressed as an industry. So how can the food and beverage (F&B) manufacturing industry help? How can it become smarter and more proactive to help prevent food safety issues in the future?

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