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In early June, Tetra Pak employees from across Europe and Central Asia​ will team up with tech students  from the Technical University of Munich for five days of innovation, creativity and fun. What unites them all is their passion for bringing value to customers through new the exciting possibilities offered by digital technologies. Working together in teams, they will dive into topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Data-enabled solutions. The theme for this year is The Connected Package​.


The event is not about creating stuff just for the fun of it. The purpose is very much business-oriented: we want to develop new digital solutions that can bring true value to our customers. We also want to give Tetra Pak employees a firsthand experience of rapid prototyping and agile methodologies. In other words, learn and adapt new ways of working to continue to drive the digitalisation of our industry.​

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Tetra Pak employees from across Europe are teaming up with tech students from the Technical University of Munich for five days of innovation, creativity and fun

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Connected packaging

Give your products a digital life with Tetra Pak® Connected Package. It will help you boost sales, enhance engagement and get to know your consumers better.

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Food industry automation and digital solutions

Make better decisions with our food industry automation and digital packaging solutions. Discover how digitisation can improve food safety, efficiency and more.

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Product innovation

Whatever your current vision, we’re dedicated to innovating both with you and for you to build a more resilient and profitable future.