Coconut water packs manufactured at Silvermills, Sri Lanka get 5 star amazon rating just 15 days from launch

India (1 June, 2021) : Del Monte, one of Tetra Pak’s key global customers, has now launched its packaged King Coconut water to much fanfare! This is the first of its kind coconut water in India, being co-packed at Silver Mills in Sri Lanka and exported to India.


This product entry in the market has raised the bar in the fast-growing packaged coconut water segment as consumers increasingly adopt healthier lifestyles. With that, the customer’s intent was to bring consumers the authentic flavor of King Coconuts that are native to Sri Lanka without adding artificial flavoring and preservatives in an attractive and premium packaging.

And that is where our TBA 250 Edge was the perfect fit for the bill. It also helps us accelerate the deployment of value-added packages in SAM.

Currently being sold primarily through ecommerce channels, Del Monte’s King Coconut water already has a rating of 5 stars(!) on Amazon and continues to see increased orders daily.

Building trust by protecting what’s good

This milestone was about more than just selling a product, but one that truly demonstrates how we innovate to provide differentiated solutions to our customers as we fulfill our promise of delivering on food safety and the best quality. With the added complication of COVID-19 restrictions, it was also a great showcase of our expertise and trustworthiness which, though usually an intangible value addition, was the real game-changer in this case.

To elaborate a little, due to the COVID-19 measures, the customer was unable to send their representative to Silver Mills (our co-packer in Sri Lanka) to supervise the production. Most of the supervision had to be done virtually with both Silver Mills and Tetra Pak teams, which was very well executed. A mutual trust between all three parties was the most important factor in this situation – the trust that we will respectively do what is best to deliver on what is expected, on time and with the best quality.

"What we have achieved with Del Monte here is especially significant as it unlocks a lot of opportunities. With Del Monte, the customer experience can translate into traction in the prepared foods category, using our Tetra Recart solution. We are already receiving interest from other customers who are now actively evaluating the coconut-based foods category." says Suneet Gupta- Business Development Manager.