Tetra Pak and FINISH Society partner to increase collection & recycling of used carton packs in Udaipur

One of its kind sustainable model for collection & recycling of used packs in Udaipur


Udaipur, June 4, 2021: Tetra Pak, a world leading food processing and packaging solutions company has tied up with FINISH Society, a well-known solid waste management NGO, to increase collection of used carton packages in Udaipur. As part of the collaborative effort, FINISH Society will be working closely with the Municipal Corporation of Udaipur to recover used packs of juice/ milk etc from the corporation’s sorting centres, which will then be channelised to the nearest recycler. With this new partnership, Rajasthan has become the 22nd State / Union territory covered by Tetra Pak’s extensive collection network. This network covers 38 cities and 14 Indian Army contingents, supported by over 26 collection & awareness partners, across 22 states and Union Territories.

Udaipur is a high-visibility tourist destination and therefore sees a lot of carton consumption. At the same time, it is also ranked 1st in Rajasthan under the Swachch Sarvekshan 2020 for cities with under 10,000,00 residents. Tetra Pak and FINISH Society will therefore focus on raising awareness among the waste-picker community, about the value they can derive from collecting used beverage cartons and selling them to a recycler. At the same time, the initiative will also raise awareness among consumers about the positive impact of waste-segregation and recycling on the cleanliness of their surroundings, as well as on the environment at large. The used cartons collected through this initiative will be sent to the nearest recycler - Khatema Fibres Ltd, a local paper-mill based in Uttarakhand, and a recycling partner for Tetra Pak since 2013.

carton consumption

Speaking about the initiative, Jaideep Gokhale, Sustainability Director, Tetra Pak South Asia said, “Tetra Pak cartons are paper-based, recyclable and have the lowest carbon footprint among all other packaging materials used for similar food products. So, when we choose carton packaging, we are already making a positive choice. And when we segregate used cartons from our waste, we ensure that waste pickers earn an additional livelihood, and the used cartons get recycled into many useful items like benches, desks, bins, roofing sheets and more. Over the past 17 years, we have been able to expand our collection & recycling ecosystem across the country and today, over 40% cartons sold in India are recycled. We had been looking for a suitable partner to work with in Rajasthan and we have found that in FINISH society. Together, we look forward to helping build a Swachh Udaipur.”

“The need of the hour is to recover all recyclable waste and convert it into a resource. We will work on raising awareness about recyclability of these packages on one hand, as well as set up ‘drop-off points’ at registered shops, juice centres & other easily accessible locations where consumers can deposit their used cartons easily. But the key focus of our work will be on educating the waste-picker community about the value of carton waste and the role it can play in augmenting their household income. We are thankful to Tetra Pak for leading from the front, and also the Municipal Corporation of Udaipur for their continued support,” says Saurabh Agnihotri, Finish Society.

Tetra Pak cartons are paper-based and recyclable. Tetra Pak, along with its partners, has been strengthening the carton package recycling eco-system in the country for over 17 years. The used carton packages are collected and recycled into various materials like paper, waterproof poly-aluminium, or panel boards which are then turned into useful items like classroom furniture for disadvantaged schools, roofing sheets, notebooks, seats & backrests for commercial vehicles and more. With the addition of Udaipur, today, Tetra Pak’s collection network covers 22 states and Union Territories. This network is supported by 26 collection & awareness partners and 4 recyclers across the country.