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​Packaging machines in operation ​XXX
​Distribution equipment in operation ​XXX
​Processing equipment in operation ​XXX
​​Number of packages XXX
Number of litres of products sold in Tetra Pak packages XXX

Figures at 1 January 2021

*Production plants: packaging material converting factories 30, closures (caps)  factories 4 (stand alone), additional material strips & films 3, additional material straws factories 2 (stand alone), Processing Solutions production facilities 14.

Straw Manufacturer

Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd.

CPCB certificate No.:
CPCB-UPC-II/Tetra Pak India Private Limited/Maharashtra/339
Straw Category: IV
Straw compostable under industrial conditions.

Certificate issued on 05-03-2024

Wrapper Manufacturer

Polyplex Corporation Ltd.
Plot No. 227 MI-228MI
Bazour - 262401

CPCB certificate No.: UKPCB/HO/Plastic-Reg-50/
Wrapper Code: 5

Straw wrapper Buy-back Price in MH = INR5/Kg