Go nature. Go carton.


Towards more and better collection and recycling

Today carton packages are recyclable, where adequate collection, sorting and recycling infrastructures are in place. But it’s not the same story everywhere, as packages in many countries don’t get collected for recycling. In places where collection infrastructure is still being built up,  we’re co-investing with recyclers in new equipment and facilities to expand recycling capacity. To increase carton packaging recycling rates further, we’re collaborating on six steps with multiple players in the recycling value chain.

Recycling focus areas

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Designing packages for increased recycling

A sustainable package starts with a circular design. Explore our recent launches and projects towards enhancing packaging design for recycling.

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Supporting consumers in recycling more

A successful recycling infrastructure relies on consumers doing their part. See how we’re collaborating with customers, retailers and communities on different awareness and educational programmes to increase consumer awareness on recycling.

Collection is critical to increase recycling

Collection is a key part of the recycling process, what doesn’t get collected doesn’t get recycled. Find out how we’re investing in expanding collection and sorting around the world.

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Helping scale recycling systems globally

To increase recycling rates, the capacity of recycling plants needs to be expanded. Find out how we’re working to strengthen and scale recycling systems globally.

Increasing the value of recycled materials

Expanding the value of recycled materials is key to keeping raw materials in use for longer. Read how we’re collaborating to increase the use of recycled materials.

By joining forces, we can make a bigger impact

Industry coalitions drive recycling forward. Find out how we’re working with global and regional initiatives to contribute to a circular economy.

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See success stories in action

Browse our cases to see what our customers achieved using our renewable packaging solutions, efficient processing technologies and expert services.

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Get inspired: Consumer Environmental Trends Report

Our consumer report reveals that 78% of global consumers are concerned about the environment, with the global climate crisis remaining a top concern. Download our report to read more on consumer reflections on environmental issues and attitudes towards sustainable packaging.