Go nature. Go carton.


Working towards the world’s most sustainable food package

Packaging plays a critical role in feeding people around the world. We are taking a circular approach when designing our food packages, to optimise the use of resources along the packaging value chain.

Our ambition is to create “the world’s most sustainable food package", solely made from responsibly sourced renewable or recycled materials, fully recyclable and carbon neutral1.

With our four focus areas we aim to enable the use of renewable materials, maximise the value of recycled material, minimise littering and make sure the package of the future is designed for recycling. Explore more and on our journey towards the world’s most sustainable food package below.

Our focus areas

Woman pouring milk in bowl

Sustainable & anti-littering openings

Find out how we’re innovating packaging design to help reduce plastic litter.

Tetra Pak cartons standing with sugarcane cardboard background

Low-carbon renewable materials

Find out how we are working on increasing the share of renewable materials in our paper-based carton packages.

Carton package with hands holding polymers

Keeping existing materials in use with certified recycled polymers

Learn how we’re building our portfolio by including recycled materials.

see through packages on forest background

Circular package design for a circular economy

Find out how we are working to simplify material structures to make recycling more economically viable.

Trends report on blue background

Get inspired: Consumer Environmental Trends Report

Our consumer report reveals that 78% of global consumers are concerned about the environment, with the global climate crisis remaining a top concern. Download our report to read more about consumer reflections on environmental issues and attitudes towards sustainable packaging.

Booklet front cover on cardboard background

Browse the action booklet

Get the full story of our sustainability topics and actions to create a positive impact on food systems and the planet. Follow the thinking, get inspired.

1This means creating cartons that are fully made of renewable or recycled materials, that are responsibly sourced, thereby helping to protect and restore our planet's climate, resources and biodiversity; contributing towards carbon-neutral production and distribution; are convenient and safe, therefore helping to enable a resilient food system; and are fully recyclable.