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Whitepaper: Building resilient food systems

Food system actors across the world have a unique opportunity to tackle food systems challenges together.


To start the dialogue, this whitepaper outlines our thinking and ambitions around this work and how it could be approached from different angles. 

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booklet front cover on cardboard background

Browse the action booklet

Get the full story of our sustainability topics and actions to create a positive impact on food systems and the planet. Follow the thinking, get inspired.

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See success stories in action

Looking to make your food production more efficient? Or to respond to your consumers’ requests for sustainable packaging? Browse our cases to see what our customers have achieved using our renewable packaging solutions, efficient processing technologies and expert services.

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Get inspired: Consumer Environmental Trends Report

Our consumer report reveals that 78% of global consumers are concerned about the environment, with the global climate crisis remaining a top concern. Download our report to read more about consumer reflections on environmental issues and attitudes towards sustainable packaging.