Go nature. Go carton.


Collaboration breeds fresh ideas

With innovative companies like Yelte, Mycorena and Nucaps across countries such as France, US, Sweden and Italy, among others, we are exploring innovations around fortified and nutritious foods in our Product Development Centres and Accelerator lab. Together, we are breaking new ground in added-value nutrients and plant-based products to help feed more people using less resources.

For instance, working with Yelte, a start-up developing plant-based foods, we’re testing a delicious, high-protein hemp seed-based drink.

Finding solutions for reducing food loss and waste

We are also co-innovating to turn by-products from food production into added-value ingredients, reducing food waste and making the most of raw materials. Collaborating with EnginZyme, a Swedish developer of cell-free biomanufacturing, we are creating a system for converting large volumes of whey produced from fresh cheese into added-value ingredients like fibre.  

Combining our knowledge and technical expertise with the fresh perspectives of innovative companies, we can explore ideas, push technology forward and build an innovation ecosystem to contribute to building resilient food systems1.

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