The world’s getting smaller

Expert help is close at hand,
available around the clock.

  • Food and beverage processing & packaging equipment is ever-more sophisticated
  • High-level technical knowledge of Automation systems is more valuable than ever
  • Efficient, accessible support is business-critical
  • B2B connectivity brings global expertise to your doorstep
the world is getting smaller

Your production challenges today?

Typical technical and operating scenarios

Ever-higher productivity requirements

• Faster troubleshooting and technical guidance are vital

Heavier asset utilisation

• Unplanned production stops lead to more expensive downtime

Rising cost of nurturing internal competence

• Personnel rotation and turnover, long learning curves, specialist knowledge takes years to build

Distance means long waits for on-site support

• Higher costs if physical visit required

Your production challenges today

Remote Support

Your Solution from Tetra Pak

Instant remote assistance – any time, any place

Instant remote assistance –
any time, any place

Offered as part of service agreement

Technical support

Technical support

Troubleshooting, equipment specifications, adjustments

Operations support

Operations support

Day-to-day machine operation, care and cleaning routines, checklists*, machinery and spare parts information

*Machine operators’ weekly and daily care routines

Restoring your production in 4 quick steps with verified problem-solving methodology

parts recomendations

1. Understand the problem

parts app

2. Identify possible causes

parts recomendations

3. Prioritise most probable causes

parts app

4. Propose corrective actions and follow up results

Multichannel support

Customer-centric, easy to reach

Contact us on the channel of your choice

Contact us on the channel of your choice

• WhatsApp – Email – Phone – Video

Send and receive document

Send and receive documents, images, videos, etc.

Support available in English

Support available in English

How Remote Support works

Faster, better, more cost-effective


You have an issue or question about Tetra Pak equipment.

parts solution

You call or text the Remote Support service.

parts value

The Remote Support team logs the request in our system and provides information, support, advice, etc., as needed.

parts recomendations

You review the information, execute the advice and give feedback on outcome to the Remote Support team.

parts app

If further support or actions are needed you can contact the Remote Support team.

Coverage in Plant Automation

Where Remote Support will help

Troubleshooting in automation

  • Production support including guidance with fault finding
  • Network & Fieldbus communication issues
  • Support of SCADA and PLC systems including database and IO Servers

  • Support for Engineering and Operator Stations
  • Preventive Maintenance for Hardware
  • Control Panel Service & Instrument Calibrations

Proposal Notes and Assumptions

Immediate assistance

Immediate assistance 8/5 or 16/5 or 24/7

Tetra Pak engineer responds within 60 minutes



  • Support Hours are logged, and actions recorded
  • Service Reports shared monthly

Customer provided Remote Access

Customer provided Remote Access

Customer has an existing remote connection method

We have assumed our Service Hub support engineers can be added using existing provisions

Don’t just take our word for it

Customer installs new sensor but cannot get it to function properly.

Remote Support checks Tetra Pak database for additional sensor information. A solution to the customer’s issue is found and communicated immediately. Recommendations are given on correct connection of wires from sensor to control cabinet.

Remote Support solution time:

3 hours

Customer feedback:

"[The sensor] works well, we connected it as instructed and it worked straight away, we didn't have to configure anything further. Thanks!"

Customer reports communication error in machine user panel. Machine does not enter production and urgent help is required.

Customer is asked to share serial number and error photo. Cross-checking these with past cases allows Remote Support to quickly identify solution and by providing simple instructions steps to be performed physically at the machine PLC switches to restore communication to user panel and thus, restore production.

Remote Support solution time:

11 mins

Customer feedback:

"Everything is looking good. We got a really fast and efficient response"

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