Process Control Solutions Using Product Innovation

The New ThinkTop Control

Key Features

✔ Burst Seat Clean Mode

✔ Auto Setup

✔ 360° LED Indication

✔ Compact Design

✔ Fast & Smart Mounting

Additional Features

✔ Optimized Hygienic Design

✔ Exchangeable (threaded) Air-fittings

✔ Interchangeable with ThinkTop Classics

The New ThinkTop Control

Water Savings with Burst Seat Cleaning
 on Mixproof Valves

Water savings taken to the next step

  • Historically, Mixproof valves perform an average 5-second seat lift/seat push at every sequence during CIP process.
  • Further analysis proves that the force created during the initial opening of the seat lift/seat push produces the most efficient cleaning.
  • The new Burst Seat Clean function in the Thinktop V70 maximizes the cleaning efficiency, taking water savings to new heights.
Water Savings

How Tetra Pak Can Provide Technical Support For Your ROI

  Valve without TT V70 Valve with TT V70
No. of Units 35 35
No. CIP Seatlifts Lifts 15 15
Total Investment Cost € 0 € 35,000
CIP Media Usage Per Year 373,275 liters 62,606 liters
CIP Media Cost Per Year € 74,655 € 12,521
Lifetime Cost
(Investment Cost + Operating Cost)
€ 746,550 € 160,213
ROI / Payback Period 177.53% ROI resulting in an investment
payment of 0.56 years

Savings of


Per Year

Return On Investment


CIP Savings Per Year



Payback Time



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