​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How a Chinese dairy boosted brand awareness of their high-quality ambient yoghurt​

A dairy company in China created brand loyalty with a new generation of Chinese consumers using a scan and win promotion.

High quality yoghurt in bowl

Customer challenge – boost brand awareness

Yoghurt sales are currently booming in China but it is a highly competitive market. A dairy company in China wanted to boost brand awareness and stimulate sales of their imported, high quality ambient yoghurt made in Europe.

Our solution – scan and win competition

A good way to promote the European heritage of this brand of yoghurt was to create a competition where consumers could win a trip to the country of origin in Europe. Other cash prizes were also offered and these could be won instantly when the consumer scanned the QR code on the promotional packs of Tetra Prisma®  Aseptic Square carton packages. Using a basic version of our consumer engagement solution, we generated, printed and managed the unique codes using our Connected Package Platform. These unique codes directs the consumer to a WeChat microsite. WeChat is China’s most popular messaging app with a monthly user base of more than 1 billion people. It offers many more services than just messaging.

The microsite was designed to provide all the front-end user interface and consumer interaction. The first thing consumers read is a welcome message with instructions on what to do next. Then they click to take part in the prize draw with an instant result on their screen. 

The customer has a portal giving a daily report of how the campaign is going including sales monitoring and analysis. This includes information about the geographical location of consumers and repeat purchases. All personal data is processed according to national regulations.

Results achieved 

The results were recorded during the test period from January to April 2019. Based on these figures, the customer decided to go ahead with the launch of the campaign from April to December 2019. The positive results and experience gained has encouraged the company to explore the same concept for other premium brands.

Case in short

Results achieved:  

6% scan rate

12% increase in sales