​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cleaning in place securing food safety​

What is “cleaning in place”?

Cleaning in place, or CIP, refers to all those mechanical and chemical systems that are necessary to prepare equipment for food processing, either after a processing run that has produced normal fouling and wear, or when switching a processing line from one recipe to another.

Why is CIP important?

Cleaning is a must in the food industry, and an essential prerequisite to secure food safety and product quality. Cleaning is an integrated part ​of the whole production cycle. Cleaning is in focus because this has a major impact on availability and operational cost, which in turn contributes to the producer's overall performance including the ability to reduce energy, utility and detergent consumption.

Why focus on cleaning?

  • Ensure food safety and product quality
  • Meet legislation
  • Maximize uptime and minimize downtime
  • Decrease environmental load

Who is this handbook for?

This handbook is for production managers, project managers, quality managers and others who help operate food processing plants. It’s also useful for R&D staff who are developing new products or planning investments in new plant equipment or new processing l​ines.

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