Perfect freezers for more than just ice cream

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer units are market-leading in ice cream production. But their advantages can also shine in many other applications. Read on to find out how they can benefit your processing of other foodstuffs.
Tetra Pak Continuous Freezers

Today, freezers are a natural part of food industry processing. Yet machine-frozen food is a relatively new invention. From humble beginnings in the late 19th century, freezers started to find more widespread use around the mid-20th century.

Preserving food, from production to consumption, is the most common application, but freezers are also used to prepare food, such as ice cream. Freeze-drying, lyophilisation, is used in food processing applications to remove water from frozen food, a technique that preserves flavour, colour and overall quality. Instant coffee and frozen berries are two prime examples.

Good results and low TCO

The well-proven range of Tetra Pak Continuous Freezers is market-leading in ice cream production. However, it is less well-known that they can also be used for other foodstuffs with equally good results and the same low total cost of ownership.

“They are used quite a lot already for producing instant coffee as a ‘pre-process’ to the freeze-drying,” says Steen Gyldenløv, Technical Expert. “Other applications could, for example, be frozen vegetables, ripple sauces and chocolate mousses but also products such as cosmetics. They can potentially work well for many liquid preparations that rely on other solutions today.”

So what is it about these ice cream freezers that make them ideal for other products? When you, for example, compare an ice cream freezer from Tetra Pak to a scraped surface heat exchanger, it has an integrated pumping system and can inject air. This will give you superior control over the pressure and better flow, even during fast cool-down. The result is very stable and accurate processing and extremely uniform product quality.

Rapid cooling

“The continuous freezers can be a powerful solution when you want to cool down a product rapidly,” explains Gyldenløv. “Cooling down can be very time-consuming, but these freezers can efficiently remove that process bottleneck.”

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezers feature safe and easy installation, operation and maintenance. They are compact, self-contained and ready-to-go units that come with all the necessary components, including piping and the control system.

“The easy installation is more like a plug and play solution,” says Gyldenløv, “the freezer is delivered ‘ready-to-run’, so you can be up and running in a couple of days. Most customers can start up the freezers themselves.”

In production, a continuous freezer can pretty much do it all by itself as all features are built into the machine. The highly advanced PLC system takes care of control, monitoring and data communication centred around a user-friendly touchscreen panel.

Quick cleaning in place

The freezers are designed for easy cleaning and the shortest possible CIP times and comply with American 3-A and European CE hygiene standards. They come with reliable guarantees to ensure smooth operation and peace of mind, and you can always rely on Tetra Pak’s technical service and support. If needed, you can also access the processing expertise at our ice cream Product Development Centre in Aarhus, Denmark.

Ice cream solution production centre

View video to learn more about our dedicated ice cream solution production centre in Aarhus, Denmark

Ice cream solution production centre

View video to learn more about our dedicated ice cream solution production centre in Aarhus, Denmark

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