OneStep technology provides production flexibility

Within the dairy industry, adaptability to changing markets continues to be crucial. OneStep technology helps you meet the needs of today and the future by making your production more flexible and cost-effective, while reducing environmental impact by over 40%.

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Stay flexible and keep up with trends

The ongoing transformation of the dairy industry is demanding a higher degree of production flexibility. Being able to produce a variety of products and switching rapidly between batches will be key. UHT milk is an important nutritional product in many parts of the world, and personalized nutrition is a strong trend in many markets. Each one of these categories is a natural fit with OneStep technology.

What is OneStep technology?

Our OneStep technology combines separation, standardization, blending, heat treatment, and more in a single step. There’s no faster or more efficient way to produce UHT milk products. You can start from raw milk or milk powder, or a combination of both.


OneStep technology makes your production more cost-effective and flexible, as it allows formulation variety and rapid product changeovers. As a UHT dairy producer, you can expect the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Furthermore, you greatly reduce your environmental impact. Separation and standardization are integrated into the UHT unit, eliminating pre-treatment pasteurization and temporary storage. It reduces electricity usage by up to 44%, heat energy by up to 29% and freshwater consumption by up to 35%. In addition, carbon footprint is cut by up to 36% and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) effluent load by 52%*. Our performance guarantees cover the key areas linked to environmental impact.

How it works

OneStep technology makes the production process faster and more energy-efficient. In a single unbroken step, raw milk is pre-heated, separated, standardized and homogenized, before undergoing UHT treatment and regenerative cooling, and then transferred to the aseptic tank. By removing the pasteurization and intermediate storage steps, the processing time is shortened from as much as two days to just a few hours, and the operating costs cut by up to 50% compared with conventional solutions. If you start from powder it combines concentrate mixing with in-line blending, so you won’t need a separate pasteurizer, saving you a lot of money right there. And there’s no need for large storage tanks, which saves you even more. Because with fewer, smaller tanks, there’s less CIP and a smaller footprint, with less maintenance and lower product losses. By adding different streams in the blending step – such as a chocolate slurry or a protein concentrate – you can produce a wide range of value-added products. You can also add ingredients on the aseptic side, such as lactase to create lactose-reduced milk, or many other dairy drink variants. With OneStep technology, you can meet the increasing pressure to make dairy production techniques more sustainable, more flexible, and more cost-efficient.

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*Calculations are based on the following configuration and values:
Weekly volume: 1,440,000 litres
Product: milk, 1.5% fat
Capacity UHT: 15,000 litres/hour
Cleaning-in-place/sterilising: 5
Line solution: from raw milk storage to aseptic tank
Fuel type: natural gas, factor 0.202140029
Electr. emission factor: world average, factor 0.477

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