Tetra Pak has joined forces with Herbold Meckesheim to enhance the PolyAl mechanical recycling process


Tetra Pak has partnered with Herbold Meckesheim, a leading recycling technology provider, to drive advancements in the mechanical recycling of PolyAl (polymer and aluminium) materials.

The collaboration aims to standardize and establish best practices for PolyAl recycling solutions. Efficient and standardized mechanical recycling of PolyAl has been a challenge in the industry. Tetra Pak recognized the need to improve the recycling process to maximize the recovery of valuable materials from used carton packages.

Person with laptop showing information about dry polyAl processing

The collaboration between Tetra Pak and Herbold Meckesheim is expected to have a significant impact on PolyAl recycling. The development and standardization of best practices will enhance the efficiency of recycling processes, resulting in increased recovery of valuable materials from used carton packages.

Next Steps: Herbold Meckesheim offers various levels of pre-treatment, including dry-cleaning and wet-washing with cold and hot water, among others. Trials using the same input quality of PolyAl will be conducted, evaluating parameters such as smell, fiber content, contaminants, and moisture against the different types of pre-treatment. The insights gained from these tests will pave the way for optimized PolyAl recycling solutions.

Closeup of material for polyAl recycling


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