At home and on the go

It’s not just athletes or the sports crazy who are looking for extra Energy. Energy boosters are getting people through different moments of the day, from doing housework to working from home.

Of all those interviewed, as part of the Tetra Pak Global Need States occasion-based segmentation study, consuming to satisfy the need for Energy accounted for a total of 14% of all dairy, juice and still drink beverage occasions with consumption taking place both at home and out of home, where out of home occasions over-index at 112 versus other Need States..

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The energy seekers

The research also reveals that a higher percentage of males vs. females (55 vs. 45%) account for beverage occasions where the need for Energy is the main motivator and that in 70% of Energy-motivated beverage occasions, the consumer is a Millennial between 18-39 years of age.

Furthermore, globally, the Energy segment represents a larger number of occasions in Thailand (18%), Saudia Arabia and Kenya (17%) and China (16%).

Man keeping his energy up by doing parkour

250 ml or less

They are consuming as part of getting ready for the day ahead, having breakfast or taking a break. They see energy boosts as important to help them perform at top when they need to and prefer them in smaller quantities e.g. 250 ml or less.
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Light, easy and part of my weekly routine

Turning to a beverage to satisfy the need for Energy is shown in the research to mainly take place during the week (62%) vs weekend (32%) with consumers looking for light, easy to digest, nourishing, refreshing, vitamin and mineral enriched beverages.

Beverages consumed when the need for Energy is present are:

  • Energy and sports drinks
  • Drinking yoghurts
  • Milk-based smoothies
  • Milks made from grains, seeds or nuts
  • Lactic acid drinks
Oats, nuts and bananas for breakfast

Match my active personality

They also state a preference for products with added probiotics, vitamins or minerals and are looking for products with an active personality which they feel will match their own.
Tetra Prisma Aseptic packages

I want high quality minimalism

The research shows that their ideal product should have an attractive shape, convey a high-quality image whilst being minimalistic, easy to take on the go, easy to drink from and be hygienic.


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Source: Tetra Pak Global Occasion-based Need States Segmentation Research 2017.