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Ultra-heat treatment – UHT – maximises the destruction of microorganisms in dairy products and dairy alternatives. This flexible and cost-efficient technology enables innovative product portfolios, a reduced carbon footprint and, in combination with aseptic packaging, long product shelf life. Find out how our state-of-the-art UHT solutions and expertise can help you revitalise your operations.

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Tapping into trends

The consumer of today is often on the lookout for healthy and hygienically safe products. Learn more about just how perfectly UHT products tap into these, and other, trends.

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Expanding dairy with value added

Functional dairy beverages such as lactose-free and enriched milk can function as a shortcut to increased wellbeing. And to produce drinks that help boost immunity, relieve stress or improve digestive health, no technology is more suitable than UHT.

Pant based drinks

Moving into plant-based?

The plant-based product category is becoming increasingly popular around the world – and is expected to grow by double digits over the coming years. Here’s a few pointers to producers looking into plant-based beverages.


Take the flexibility route to success

On an ever-changing market, flexibility is key. To stay relevant to consumers, producers need to be able to move fast, try out new recipes and produce small batches in a cost-efficient way. And with a UHT line in place, expanding a product portfolio may actually be much easier and more straightforward than you think.
Precision aseptic dosing opens new frontiers

Flexible, efficient and precise

Protein-enriched, lactose-free and plant-based drinks – over the coming years, products offering something extra will become increasingly popular. However, expensive ingredients such as lactase and flavours are often heat-sensitive. That’s why our aseptic dosing technologies provide accurate dosing after heat treatment instead of before it.

Want tips on how you can improve your operations or broaden your current portfolio?

Use our online guide! Just answer a few questions and specify your priorities or product ideas, and the guide provides you with pointers and suggestions on your next steps.
Indirect UHT

Indirect UHT: High efficiency, low TCO

Our Indirect UHT units give you efficient operation, optimal hygiene and the market’s lowest TCO. This aseptic unit features a tubular or plate heat exchanger that helps reduce energy consumption by containing the heat.

Direct UHT

Direct UHT: Premium product quality

The Tetra Therm® Aseptic VTIS direct UHT treatment unit is designed for the highest operational efficiency. It is perfected for premium aseptic products and guarantees minimal impact on taste, colour and nutritional value.

Milk packagings

The benefits of aseptic packaging

No preservatives, no refrigeration – and long shelf life. Read more about the many advantages of aseptic processing and packaging, and explore our different packaging formats.

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Built upon expertise – best-practice lines

Our best-practice lines are designed for efficiency. They combine state-of-the-art technologies for high yield and optimal food safety – and they are always fine-tuned to your operations.

Partner up with experts

From the point the raw milk or powder enter your plant to where your final product leaves in beautifully consumer-friendly packages – we’ve got the know-how, expertise and experience to help you. We take a holistic view instead of just focusing on specific areas. So when you partner up with us, you can expect truly optimised operations.

Cost efficient and sustainable

Cost sustainability convenience

The future is UHT

Cost-efficient, convenient and sustainable

UHT technologies do differ to chilled milk production. There are challenges. But UHT production is also cost-efficient, flexible and aligned with consumer trends – in summary, a production technology that makes the future a little easier.

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The journey to long shelf life

Good product, Good Package, Good process

UHT milk in aseptic packages makes it possible for more people to enjoy delicious and nutritious milk. Here’s the remarkable journey of the milk, from farm to long shelf life package.

An introduction to OneStep technology

How it works

With OneStep technology, several processing steps are combined into one, single unbroken step. The results? Improved efficiency, reduced environmental impact and a whole bunch of tangible savings. Here’s an intro to how it works.

An introduction to OneStep technology

How it works

With OneStep technology, several processing steps are combined into one, single unbroken step. The results? Improved efficiency, reduced environmental impact and a whole bunch of tangible savings. Here’s an intro to how it works.

OneStep to flexibility

Want to take a deeper dive into the most efficient, flexible and sustainable way to produce UHT milk? Read this article about OneStep technology and learn more about flexibility, formulation variety possibilities and small-batch production.
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How much can you save?

OneStep technology reduces your environmental impact and cut your costs. Want to find out how much? Try our online OneStep cost calculator! Just specify the current parameters for your line, and see how much you can save.

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School milk – 403 million gallons of opportunities

Making sure kids in US schools get their daily glass of milk has its challenges – distribution is complex and once the milk is delivered, it needs to be consumed within a couple of days. If it isn’t, it becomes food waste. In fact, as much as 30% of US school milk is never used. And as schools use 403,000,000 gallons of milk annually, it’s a lot of milk that goes to waste. But that’s chilled milk.
Check out this listicle to learn more about why UHT milk is a great, cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly choice for schools.

UHT temperature

Heat technologies demystified

How does UHT milk differ from other types of milk? How can you make sure packaging is bacteria-free, and what is a Maillard reaction? Find out in our introduction to heat technology lingo - the UHT terminology guide.

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Our innovation ecosystem

When trends move fast you need to be agile in both products and production. To facilitate this, we cultivate a rich ecosystem of innovation resources.

The integrated edge

Integrated food solutions for ambient milk

Get the smartest integrated and automated solutions for processing, packaging and ambient distribution of UHT milk and insights to develop products that consumers really want.

Cases and white papers

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Make sustainable savings with Tetra Pak E3/Speed Hyper

Combine Tetra Pak E3/Speed Hyper packaging equipment with our UHT portfolio and OneStep, and make substantial savings of emissions, water usage and product losses.

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The importance of raw milk quality

Get a better grip of your UHT dairy products. Learn how raw milk quality affects your UHT production, from farm to shelf.

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Perfecting recombined milk

Explore our complete portfolio of solutions for recombined milk and UHT.

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