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Do you want to reduce your environmental impact – and your utility costs?

Use our cost and environmental calculator to find out how much you can save!

OneStep technology combines heat treatment, separation and standardization into one single, unbroken step. Compared to a traditional UHT line, this means that your footprint becomes smaller – for example, you no longer need a separate pasteurizer or large storage tanks. As you consume less electricity, steam and water, you also reduce your environmental impact. OneStep is also a cost-efficient solution, with rapid product changeovers and reduced utility costs.

But how much can you actually save by changing to OneStep technology?

Sign up, try our online cost and environmental calculator and get the answers in an instant – see how OneStep technology can improve your:
Environmental impact, water consumption, energy consumption, product losses and carbon footprint.

Want to get a better understanding of OneStep technology before you go ahead? 

Read our introduction to OneStep