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Processing Components

Choosing processing components

Sometimes a single component can make all the difference to your food or beverage processing challenge.

Tea with ginger and honey in Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton

Ready-to-drink herbal beverage attracts younger generation

When New Concept Product in Thailand wanted to expand its business, they teamed up with Tetra Pak to launch a new ginger drink for on-the-go consumption

Tetra Pak Services employee

The full equipment lifecycle approach

How Tetra Pak® Services help customers focus on their passion – cheesemaking

People discussing a best-pratice line

More than stainless steel

To start by stating the obvious: when it comes to cheesemaking, the equipment is critical. Go beyond all that stainless steel.

50 Years of Innovation

50 years of innovation

Innovation is a key part of what our whole team does, and we have a process that maps out and captures innovation and development needs from the customers.

Ensuring flexibility and efficiency in cottage cheese production

Cottage cheese is a special kind of cheese. In many ways, it is demanding to produce. The road to success goes through an optimised production process.

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