​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Best-practice lines for Cheddar​ cheese - optimised to add value

Our best-practice lines for Cheddar cheese are built upon proven equipment, world-class expertise and state-of-the-art technologies. Performance is guaranteed – and the lines are always tailored and fine-tuned to your requirements, environment and cheese.

Tailored cheese lines to your location

The lines are adapted to local and market-specific regulations, conventions and requirements. We offer two separate base configurations – one tailored to the North American market, and one for other markets across the globe.
Best-practic line cheddar cheese North America

Optimising your production process

Our approach is based on the idea of the sum being greater than its parts. We supply equipment, yes, but our key delivery is helping you optimise your entire cheesemaking process. We provide performance guarantees on water consumption, yield and much more. And we always customise the solutions to your specific requirements and production parameters.
Shredded cheese on wooden cutting board

Benefit from our expertise in cheese manufacturing

Partner up with us, and you have access to a global organisation of cheese manufacturing expertise, including specialists with experience from the world’s leading cheddar producers. Food safety and quality is always our priority. Our high safety standards and hygienic equipment design ensure consistent cheese quality, yield and moisture accuracy.

Innovating for efficiency

We have been an industry-leading innovator for over 60 years now. But we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. The purpose is always to optimise and make operations more efficient. That’s why we engage in partnerships with thought-leaders from universities and key suppliers. And that’s also why we, with solutions such as Predictive Maintenance and Tetra Pak® PlantMaster, focus on data science, digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence.