Extraction equipment​ for tea and soy

For tea, the extraction system is semi-continuous. The tea extract is cooled and clarified (where required) before being blended, heat treated and packaged in downstream processing equipment.

For soy, the concentrate is extracted from the beans by grinding, fibre separation, deodorisation and enzyme deactivation. This is done before recipe formulation and aseptic treatment, and finally packaging of the commercial product. This quality of the product is determined by a variety of factors, including the type of beans, the extraction method and the product formulation.​​

Tetra Pak extraction units perform grinding, fibre separation, deodorisation and enzyme deactivation. 

Single-Pass Tea Extraction System

Single-Pass Tea Extraction system

Single-pass tea extraction system from Tetra Pak® is a semi-continuous system for extracting good quality RTD tea from tea leaves.

Tetra Pak® Extraction unit

Tetra Pak Extraction unit for Soya extraction

A flexible production system for continuous extraction of both beany and low-beany soya base from soya beans. The soya base is blended, UHT-treated and packaged