Dry mixing solutions for powder

The challenge with dry mixing is to achieve high homogeneity in a fast way without damaging particles. Using both convection and diffusion technologies, dry mixing is very fast as well as very accurate in a gentle manner. The convection mechanism can be described as the motion of a group of particles, in most cases with the help of paddles, creating a fast circulation and fluidization of powders into the mixing chamber. The diffusion technology consists of the single motion of powder particles, mainly achieved when the powders are put in suspension and fall down independently by gravity. This is how we can achieve the best homogeneity.

In contrast to shearing technology, these technologies use just the requested amount of energy in order to be cost-efficient and also to reduce powder breakage.

The food industry accounts for a very high number of powders, which need to be handled with different characteristics and behaviours. The observation scale is also crucial to be able to qualify the homogeneity degree of a powder mix. It can vary a lot from one industry to another. It requires a very flexible tool and versatile technology, which combined will make it possible to achieve the correct performance.  

Powder segregation is a fact

With any powder, segregation will occur no matter what mixing technique you use. Having said that, the challenge now is to avoid and minimize the powder separation in all steps of the mixing line solution. Start directly at the mixer level with expertise of the perfect blending time and emptying methods. Then choose the best conveying technology, up to the end of line and the correct packing technology.

Gain insights into powder challenges

Expert in powder rheology

A close-up look at powder behaviour

New research enables us to successfully up-scale laboratory and pilot experimental results for different powders to the industrial scale for batch mixing.

Oat-based powder and a glass of oat beverage

Handling tips for five tricky powders

Powders can be sensitive to segregation, difficult to convey or tip, very sticky or added to a recipe in tiny amounts. We can help you handling them.

Baby in sofa with baby bottle

Five secrets of success in powder mixing

Based on long experience of powder mixing, we give you five tips that you as a producer of powdered food products such as infant formula may not be aware of.

Tetra Pak Powder Mixer B

Tetra Pak® Powder Mixer B

The Tetra Pak® Powder Mixer B for powder ingredients comprises three batch paddle mixers, specifically designed for quick, accurate and gentle powder-to-powder.

Tetra Pak Vertical Homogenizer TV

Tetra Pak® Vertical Homogenizer TV

The conical Tetra Pak® Vertical Homogenizer is suitable for a wide range of products, and it is fed either by gravity or through a pneumatic conveyor.