​​​​​​Water recovery solutions

Tetra Pak’s Water Competence Center can help dairies and food manufacturers reduce the water intake of their processing facilities considerably.​

In many countries around the world, clean drinking water is extremely scarce, and this shortage makes it problematic for dairy and food processing plants to consume huge volumes of fresh water for processing. By implementing various sustainable technologies such as RO concentration in combination with different ​water purification methods, water intake and effluent volumes will drop dramatically. The aim is to provide the right water quality for the purpose.

Food safety and local legislation

One crucial aspect of reusing and recycling cleaned process water is food safety, and several countries have strict requirements to process water for reuse. One of the tasks of our Water Competence experts is to map local legislation on recovered process water around the world. Only by having thorough knowledge of such legislation can the Center provide professional advice to customers with respect to their particular regulatory framework, always with food safety as the main mission.

The overall goal of our Water Competence Center is to create maximum value for customers, delivering sustainable and profitable process solutions, which walk hand in hand with Tetra Pak’s promise: ‘Protects What’s Good’.​

Water Splashing