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School children in Ecuador

Improved child nutrition and local agriculture development in Ecuador

The Ecuador school feeding programme has provided children all over the country access to safe nutrition while enhancing the development of local agriculture.

Happy school kids in Paraguay

Overcoming distribution and malnutrition challenges in the Paraguay school milk programme

Paraguay has a long running school milk programme to address challenges related to malnutrition and social safety protection.

Dairy farming in Nicaragua

Turning challenges into opportunities in Nicaragua

We have worked together to provide consumers with locally produced quality milk and improve smallholder dairy farmers’ livelihoods.

Girl rinsing Acerola cherries

Innovating with local juice beverages in a school feeding programme in Guyana

Juice beverages distributed as a complimentary breakfast snack has played a significant role in boosting classroom attendance rates

Autumn forest road

Sustainable food production

How to reduce energy, water and waste in oat beverage processing.

Tetra Pak® Preparation system B

How to upgrade syrup room capacity and also reduce costs

Upgrading syrup room capacity for new beverage products is often a challenge. But smart technology can overcome technical and space limitations, and save money.

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