Stand out on the shelf – and beyond

Introducing our ever-growing portfolio of packaging possibilities

The guide to successful differentiation

Be a better future

Be natural, Be circular and Be kind with packaging that reduces your environmental impact. Our products help you stay competitive and do business in a sustainable way – for the good of futures.

Play with effects

Don’t be shy! Fully express your brand’s identity using packaging material effects. You don’t need new installations or investments – just plug and play for metallic shine, holographic effect, tactile experiences and much more!

Re-shape your outline

Looking for a sharper silhouette? How about re-defining your lines? Our shaping options and design elements make your product pop on the store shelf. For inspiration, check out our

ReFit and ReShape programme and the new Tetra Classic® Aseptic Cube. Or why not get noticed on the shelf with our brand new Tetra Stelo™ Aseptic package?

Re-shape your outline

Boost functionality

Convenience and easy consumption, that’s what consumers ask for, wherever they are and whatever they consume. Our wide array of openings and closures are ergonomically optimised for different user situations – what is best for your product?

Tweak your size

On the go, at home or anywhere – upsize and downsize your packages for your consumers’ different needs. As a bonus – boost your shelf impact and/or optimize distribution. Right Sizing is definitely a win-win – for you and your consumers.