Hot melt adhesive portfolio

Choosing the right hot melt adhesive can make all the difference to package quality

Tetra Pak's market-leading hot melt adhesives enhance package dependability, increase production uptime and reduce maintenance need. They are specially formulated to tolerate tough handling conditions and ensure packages reach the consumer in prime condition. No more leaky caps, dislodged straws and loose tray flaps that cost you time, money and reputation.

​​Our hot melt adhesive portfolio has three product families:

  • Tetra Pak® CapFix for caps and closures
  • Tetra Pak® StrawFix for straws
  • Tetra Pak® TrayFix for secondary packaging​

Tetra Pak® CapFix - hot melt for caps and closures

Tetra Pak® CapFix are premium hot melt adhesives for post-applied caps and closures. They reduce operating costs by cutting down on product waste, production downtime and maintenance need. Smart ultraviolet technology verifies each and every adhesion, providing the ultimate in product assurance and peace of mind. On top of that, the high adhesive strength of Tetra Pak® CapFix keeps packages intact along the entire distribution chain – all the way into the consumer's basket.

Tetra Pak® StrawFix - hot melt for straws

Tetra Pak® StrawFix are the market-leading hot melt adhesives for straws and trays. Built on Tetra Pak's unique global liquid food and beverage knowledge, they are fully validated for high equipment runability and low cleaning frequency. They are also best in class for low adhesive consumption. The result? Lower operating costs, less production downtime and reduced maintenance. In addition, Tetra Pak® StrawFix's proven bond strength ensures the highest standards of package integrity – even in the most testing transport and handling conditions.

Tetra Pak® TrayFix - hot melt for secondary packaging

Tetra Pak® TrayFix are the optimum choice for hot melt tray adhesives. They eliminate unnecessary costs by reducing production downtime and maintenance need. Their high adhesive strength is proven to keep secondary packaging intact even in highly demanding transport and handling conditions. For the producer, this strengthens brand reputation through fewer claims and complaints. Tetra Pak® TrayFix also offers unrivalled low adhesive consumption, further driving down production-related costs.

Secure quality with the Tetra Pak® Hot Melt Service Agreement

The Tetra Pak® Hot Melt Service Agreement handles your complete hot melt solution. It streamlines your business and saves you time with a convenient fixed cost per 1,000 packages at your desired quality level.