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Tetra Pak® Plant Secure, gives you the insights into the full picture of your operation and is your key to securing plant-wide performance and business growth.

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Meeting both customer and investor demands requires an efficient operation that’s aligned from boardroom to factory floor. As part of Tetra Pak® Plant Secure, we assess your entire plant and help you focus on the activities with the right financial and operational impact. From improved daily management, to plant-wide cost modelling, our recommendations help you meet your delivery targets while reducing total costs.

A path through the maze that improves business results

Our services help manufacturers improve their delivery and quality performance while reducing costs and minimising waste. This paper explains the systematic, structured, business-wide approach that a manufacturer can use to identify where improvements could be made so they can develop a plan that will deliver savings and improve performance across their operations. It also introduces Tetra Pak® Plant Secure, the only operational improvement solution designed to meet the specific needs of the food and beverage industry.

Tetra Pak® Plant Secure webinar

How can food & beverage manufacturers deliver sustainable business results and strategic improvements? In this webinar our experts explain how companies can make plant-wide changes that optimise productivity and profitability – with a guaranteed outcome.


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Prevent breakdowns, protect your investments and ensure food safety – to us, service isn’t just about fixing something that’s broken.

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Tetra Pak® Plant Care provides predictability, risk-sharing and long-term partnership through customised service agreements.